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“We have made and must continue to make a distinctive contribution to K-12 education in this city, through the training of teachers and by providing opportunities for students from underrepresented populations.” – Rice University, Vision for the Second Century

Rice University has been engaged with the K-12 community since 1964. Rice University currently supports educational outreach initiatives that offer unique opportunities to K-12 students and teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and community members.


The various K-12 initiatives at Rice University aim to purposefully and meaningfully engage with the K-12 community to proactively address and positively impact the learning needs of teachers, students, counselors and administrators. Rice will make significant and sustainable contributions to the local, national and international K-12 community through high quality, innovative programs that engage Rice’s faculty, staff and students in addressing important challenges.


Rice’s K-12 engagement focuses on the following key areas:

Teacher Professional Development

Rice’s K-12 initiatives focus on teachers and their professional development needs by creating programs that include substantive academic experiences. Because there is a direct link between teachers’ content knowledge and student achievement, Rice shares the university’s considerable intellectual and physical resources to further the learning of teachers so they can improve their teaching practice.

College Readiness

Rice engages with underserved K-12 students, both at the university and beyond our hedges, in ways that leave them inspired about the inherent value of higher learning and the enormous educational opportunities that are available to them locally and nationally. To make positive impact in this area, Rice provides stimulating learning experiences for a diverse set of students, through summer programs, speaker series and re-envisioned campus tours.

K-12 Administrator Engagement

Rice meaningfully engages with a broad sector of the K-12 leadership including superintendents, senior administrators, principals and counselors to become attuned to their emerging needs.

Student Enrichment

Rice provides academic enrichment programs that engage diverse K-12 pre-college populations in developing essential skills, values and relationships as a vehicle for inspiring learning and encouraging academic and life success.